Dr. Who Tardis Blu-Ray Case

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Tardis Blu-Ray DVD Case Doctor Who 2011 Dave DelisleUpdate: Be sure to check out the new and improved design! Original post as follows:

A confession: I’ve never watched Dr. Who. It’s a bit daunting to check out a series that’s been running for several years (the current iteration). Maybe one day I’ll check it out, as I enjoy the Torchwood spinoff (weird I know).

But I don’t have to be a fan of the show to know that people love the Tardis, the doctor’s time machine. It is disguised to look like a police phone booth. The Wikipedia page on the Tardis is a fascinating read.

I’m a bit surprised BBC hasn’t used this boxy machine for DVD or Blu-Ray release yet, as it would be an ideal design. I’m guessing they were held up by the same issue I was – how to integrate standard-size jewel cases into the frame. Well you can’t, as I…

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