Daily Conversations with Anxiety: Fucking Shrimp, Man.

Highest Form of Whit

My neuroses were showing today, and not in a oh-look-how-cute-and-eccentric-this-girl-is kind of way, but in a holy-fuck-put-her-in-a-padded-room sort of way. And you know why? Because all of the shrimp are out to get me. I just KNOW it.

For lunch today, I had some leftover pasta that had shrimp in it. I know, I know. You’re shaking your head already.

It had been in a fridge overnight and in the car for about three hours yesterday afternoon until it made it back to my fridge when I got home, so I reasoned that it was not yet possessed by the Devil.

There were four shrimp left in the pasta. I ate three of them quick-fast-and-in-a-hurry, because I told myself that if I ate them quickly, I was less likely to die from Rotten Seafood Butt Explosion Disease. How fast my jaw moves is directly related to whether or not the…

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10 Things to know before you visit Hong Kong

Little Grey Box

My first trip to Hong Kong brought with it the chance to learn a lot about a brand new city and a new culture too. Every day was filled with new things, some of them strange and most of them wonderful. If you’re planning on visiting Hong Kong and it’s your first time, you may be like me and not know quite what to expect. So, to help you prepare, here are my top tips for things you should know before you visit Hong Kong. (By the way, you guys, don’t laugh at the suburb named Mong Kok.)

1) The people are lovely

If you’re wondering how you’ll be received by the locals, don’t! Everyone we met was absolutely lovely, from the hotel staff and restaurant servers through to friendly smiling locals on the street and train. Everyone greets you with a big smile and a wave if you smile…

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Time’s 100 Novels Ranked By Amazon Sales

101 Books

One of my favorite parts of Amazon is the Amazon sales rank. It’s just a quick gauge of how the public generally receives a book.

While sales don’t always indicate a novel’s quality or critical reception (see Twilight), they’re sometimes a decent indicator. So because I have tons of free time (I don’t, really), I thought I’d dig up the Amazon sales ranking for all of the Time Magazine 100 novels. Then, throw them all in a spreadsheet and see how they rank.

Let’s take a look at how the Time 100 novels rank by sales on Amazon. Note: The book’s overall ranking is the number to the right.

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Down Days

Have you ever had those days when you get so angry and frustrated over nothing? When you go to bed hoping even a little that you won’t wake up? That you could be enveloped by the oh so tempting nothingness of death (if that’s what you believe in)? Well today has been one of those days for me. However it isn’t just today, this has been happening to me a lot lately and it drives me crazy that I can’t get out of this rut. I know this isn’t rock bottom for me but these feelings sure do suck. Growing up, I’ve never really had a good self image but as I grew up I became more aware and I tried to change this, and I must admit it worked for a while but it wasn’t too long before I became immersed in the shadows again. I started hating myself more, harming myself, covering mirrors, being nasty towards myself and snapping at others and just over all shrouded in a dark, negative energy. I try being happy and cheerful to hide what i’m really feeling but it always seems to seep through the cracks and fuck me over. Sometimes I feel like Ichigo from Bleach. Like I’m fighting my own inner hollow and no matter how much I try to overcome it it still manages to engulf me into the darkness, leaving me helpless and vulnerable on the inside while it reeks havoc on the outside. It seems like no matter how hard I try, no matter how hard I fight, my inner hollow is always waiting to take control. Is that the real me trying to get out? How will I ever know?

Disheartened Girl in Grey

Yhwach’s Excess Power! Ichigo and Grimmjow – Bleach 626

Daily Anime Art

Bleach 626 mainly concentrates on Yhwach’s intense new power where he’s quickly able to destroy anything and everything that he see’s or wills. Without him, the world would now go to hell. Ichigo, Yoruichi and the others discuss about whats going to happen next when they get there, by this Grimmjow mentions that they both have a common enemy, Yhwach!

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